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Beyond Place Exhibition

Window at Elevation Gallery, Canmore, AB

Window at Elevation Gallery, Canmore, AB

“Beyond Place”, my solo exhibition for 2013 opened on June 1st at Elevation Gallery in Canmore, Alberta. After approximately a year of living intimately with the paintings and watching them develop in a rather poorly lit and relatively small studio, it was exhilarating to see them hanging on clean, white walls with excellent lighting. The effect, for me, was breathtaking. I had worked hard and that moment was the pay off.

The opening was a truly up-beat occasion,  well attended by family, friends, art lovers, browsers and buyers. There was good conversation, great food and wine and a pervading atmosphere of celebration  The guests were greeted warmly and were offered wine, nibbles, and information by the gallery attendants,  Phil, Jackie and Don who did a wonderful job. Cheryl, the gallery owner made it all possible and oversaw the hanging but unfortunately was unable to attend. The response to my work was very positive and congratulatory. It couldn’t have been a nicer opening. Thanks to all who attended.

Of course, now that it is over I’m taking a little break but soon will return to my studio to start preparing some canvases for painting. Que vida!

Entering the exhibit

Entering the exhibit

favorite pieces

favorite pieces







the artist

the artist




Release the reins of preconception

Open eyes to every mark

Step through the veil to silence

Regard the mystery’s heart

Contemplate the cryptic image

Ma Ganga descends the heights

The mind a moonflower

Radiant on full moon nights

Light snagged on its surface

By the glowing sun

On a slow- moving river

Even sky will waltz

And trees will sprout

From the watery depths

Bubbling springs of endless paths

Wind to the horizon

And snake to the heavens

Flowing and glowing

Behind closed eyes

Reflections upon reflections

Choose the journey

Inward or out

Memory and imagining

Entwining in spirals

Past or future

Residing in now

Scratch the surface

To reveal what’s hidden

Or rub till it’s warm

If  you believe in fate

Will the truth be revealed

Or in emptiness found

When brush moves paint